Book Review: The Lost Heir

The Lost HeirI have finally finished reading The Lost Heir by Andi O’Connor! I had planned on finishing and posting this review on Wednesday, but life got in the way. Apologies for the delay! In any case, it was a fun fantasy read that can be found on Book Club Reading List.


“Their situation was hopeless. Darrak closed his eyes. A single tear glided down his muddy cheek as he grieved for the only friends he’d ever known.” (Chapter 32)

Darrak Hunter, a dedicated college student, starts having dreams of a different world: a beautiful place with purple clouds. One day he wakes up to find Earth’s own sun has turned violet and purple clouds fill the sky. A sorcerer appears in his dorm room and tells him he is the lost heir to the kingdom of Mystandia. After traveling to this new world, Darrak must learn how to use his new-found magic and embrace his destiny. He embarks on a quest to try and save the world from a cunning Organization that seeks to take over both Mystandia and Earth. With the help of some new and powerful friends, can Darrak overcome plots of betrayal and save two worlds?


This is an action-packed story! Not much opportunity to get bored because there is always something happening. O’Connor paints a vivid and complex tapestry of story lines and characters that gives the reader a realistic sense of what living in Mystandia might feel like. One of the biggest strengths to the story is the depth of the characters. Not only do we get to know Darrak and his struggles, but a myriad of allies and enemies are showcased, adding tremendous depth to the story. I loved getting to know Mionee, arguably the main antagonist. She has a rich and compelling backstory, making me very sympathetic to her situation. I also love that there are a ton of strong female characters to look up to.

I loved all the magic, aspects of which were explained in fascinating detail. The themes of betrayal and family were helpful in moving the story along and keeping everything connected, and there were even bits of a love story strung throughout to keep me happy. 🙂


There were two primary weaknesses that I found in The Lost Heir: too many loose ends and unrealistic character behavior. First of all, I know that this is only the first installment of the Dragonath Chronicles series, so some loose ends are expected. However, there were so many points that I wish were addressed before the end. Even a Part 1 book should have a sense of conclusion, even if it’s on a small scale. Rather than going into too much detail (or giving away spoilers!), here’s a quick list of questions I had at the end:

  • What happened to Cyrus? (He’s a bad guy.)
  • Who is behind The Organization?
  • Who, specifically, is hunting Darrak and his friends?
  • What happened regarding the binding ceremony between Mionee and Garenth?
  • How did the people on Earth respond to the purple clouds and how did they affect the ecosystem? There were allusions to what Darrak thought might be happening, but no direct information.

Disclaimer: I recognize many of these questions will probably be answered in the next book, and I’m probably just being super impatient, but there ya go.

Next, some of the dialogue and actions between certain characters were…somewhat inappropriate. For example, a servant talking back to a king would probably result in their death, or at least immediate termination of employment, right? There is a scene where a handmaid is arguing extremely disrespectfully with the king, a not-very-nice guy. In another scene, Mionee’s plan requires that a certain servant be moved to work for her, but doesn’t know if the king will approve her transfer. Shouldn’t the king himself have better things to do than approve transfers between the servants?? These things don’t seem believable.


Overall, this was a highly enjoyable fantasy read. Lots of action, cool magic, and an interesting story line featuring some exceptional characters with rich histories. I can sometimes be an impatient reader, and I have a feeling that once I read the next installment all of my questions will be answered. However, I still feel that there could have been a more developed ending so the reader isn’t left in a lurch. If you’re looking for a fantasy read, go find a copy of The Lost Heir and immerse yourself in a world of magic and cool characters, then let me know what you think!!

4 out of 5 stars

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