Cover Reveal: Downburst

downburst-coverI’m so excited to get started on this adventurous tale! I found Downburst on Cheap eBooks.

Orphaned at a young age, Kit has always been an outsider in her small Minnesota town. So when disaster strikes her foster family, she crosses the border and runs away to Winnipeg. But city life isn’t what she imagined, and she quickly finds herself on the wrong side of the tracks—and the law. Things go from bad to worse when Kit sells a fake I.D. to a girl who could almost be her twin and then inadvertently witnesses the girl’s murder. Before she can get out of town, she’s mistaken for the girl and abducted by a mysterious group of people who take her to a secluded camp in the Canadian wilderness. That’s when Kit discovers that her bad luck is only just beginning.

Fans of The Hunger Games will devour this “thrilling head-rush of an adventure” (Kirkus Reviews).

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